Spokane Produce, Inc.
  • - Farm
  • Cheney, WA, USA
  • $18 to $21
  • Hourly
  • Full Time
  • medical/dental/vision/life insurance/disability

Responsible for all daily operational activities associated with ranching/farming, maintenance of equipment, fence evaluation and repair, and care of animals (cattle, chickens, horses, and family dogs). Tasks vary from day to day and will change throughout the seasons.
• May direct the work of 2-3 employees, and up to 7 seasonally
• Must communicate with family owners on a regular basis
• Knowledge and care of livestock required
• Ability to complete minor repairs on farm equipment
• Diesel experience would be a definite plus
• The following listed duties and any other duties as assigned:
Animal Care:
-Equine care, 2x daily Morning/Night-Feed; clean stalls, check water stations, and shavings for bedding.
-Chicken care, 1x week fill feeder; check water station, discard old shavings and dump in compost pile. Apply new shavings to coop - approx. 1 bale of shavings. Dump out roosting pan.
-Cattle care, Feed according to head count and time of year. Get a head count weekly. Make sure there is always an accessible water source; check salt block/mineral lick. Make sure cattle are in good health and do not need veterinary assistance.
-Dog care, walk daily around 12PM, check water.
-1x week-perimeter evaluation will be done to ensure safety of livestock; necessary repairs will be made. When checking fences, bring the following tools to repair sections with damage.
Operating Large Equipment:
Heavy machinery listed below will be used day to day on the job:
-Bale Wagon
-Dump Truck
-Flatbed Pickup
-Snow Plow
-Fuel Truck
-Water Truck
-Semi with flatbed trailer
-Four-wheeler sprayer
-During the summer months' alfalfa and grass hay will be produced. There are three separate locations that are farmed. One field is grass/alfalfa mix, another field is all meadow grass, and the last is premium irrigated alfalfa.
-Irrigation lines will be placed in field to water the crop in rotations. Lines need to be placed in an organized manor. You cannot run every sprinkler head at once. Watering schedules adjust with the weather. Lines will be pulled approx. 1week from cutting to allow the ground to harden for heavy machinery.
-Firewood is cut and bundled to sell to military commissaries in conjunction with cleaning the property of dead trees.
Pesticide Law Research:
-A chemical handler's license will be needed, as there will be noxious weed spraying.
-A basic knowledge of tools is required, including the use of power tools.
Snow Removal:
-Plowing at the Spokane Produce warehouse and floral building will be needed around loading docks and employee parking.
-Mowing lawns and spraying for weeds will be weekly, or as needed. Weed-whack around chicken coop, rake flower beds turning bark, and aerate lawn as needed. Pruning of bushes will take place in the fall.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Must be 18 years old
• Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds
• Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen, including no marijuana as Spokane Produce, Inc. is a Federal Contractor
• Must be able to pass a ten-year criminal background check
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $20.00 per hour to start, overtime begins after 40 hours
• Health insurance
• Dental insurance
• Vision insurance
• Life and Disability insurance
• Paid orientation
• Paid time off
• Paid training
• 401(k)
• 401(k) matching
• Selected candidate will work WEDNESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY schedule each week
• Start time will be between 7 AM until 3:30 PM each scheduled work day
• Year-round work
Please reply to this ad to apply OR apply to our website www.spokaneproduce.com
Affirmative Action Employer.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Spokane Produce, Inc.


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